I was born in İstanbul, in 1953. After studying in Beylerbeyi Primary School, Üsküdar American Academy for Girls(1971) and İstanbul University Faculty of Business Administration (1975),I started working.

Work Experience

Year Association Mission
2010–2023 BhosphorousUni. Faculty of Lecturer

on Children’sLiterature
Education, Dept.ofPrimaryEducation

2007 Boğaziçi University - Summer Term Lecturer Contemporary Turkish Children’s Literature
1996-2005 Tüyap Fairs &Exhibitions Inc. Member of the Board
1991-1996 Tüyap Congress Org. Co.   General Manager 
1986-1991 Tüyap Fair &Exhibitions.Co.    Head of Public Relations 
1979-1986 Ciba-Geigy Pharmeceuticals Co.   Marketing Serv. Mngr.
1975-1979 Piar Marketing Research Co. Research Specialist  

Writing Experience

My first picture book (Birthday Tree) was published by Çınar Yayınları (www.cinaryayincilik.com) in 1996.

Later the same publisher published  9 picture books and 2 novels for middle grade readers. In addition to my original work I have translated three books from English to Turkish.

Since June 2006,I write a monthly column called Çocuk Gözü (Through the Eye of the Child),in Dünya newspaper’s Book Supplement which is “a daily on subscription only”  based newspaper for the business world. In this capacity,I choose a communication focused approach to children’s literature,discussing age relevant books, issue based books. (peer violence, first love, divorce, peace, philosophy, pet love, etc.)

My fundemental purpose is to enhance the place and importance of children’s books in a communicating and loving family life.


  • Member of ÇGYD - IBBY TURKEY
  • Member of Turkish Pen Club
  • Member of SCWIB
  • Member of Children’s Literature Association - U.S.A
  • Founding member of  Contemporary Education Foundation -Turkey

I am bilingual in Turkish and English and  proficient in Spanish.

I married Mr. Bülent Ünal in 1978 and our daughter Zeynep was born in 1984.We also have a cat called Bastet in the family who is now 12 years old.

I am more happy reading than writing. I love pottery, swimming and long, deep conversations with my friends accompanied by wine and cheese.