Can who is just going to be seven receives different gifts such as books, a cap,a giraffe shaped clock.But little Aslı brings a walnut sprout.Can does not like this gift at all.Later, after all the friends leave the party,Can and his mother talk about all the gifts.What do they think? Well, please read and discover yourself.

This picture book for 5-9 year olds, is about a purple rose in an enchanted garden. Only one most trusted child can see this rose.
That year two children, dare to enter the enchanted garden in search of the purple rose. Yusuf, a boy and Elif, a girl are both after the rose. Who will the purple rose trust and why?

Little Bear Vadu-Does Mama Love Me?
Little Bear Vadu is unsure of his mother’s love so he asks different questions to test her love.İn the end,he learns to trust one truth that he’ll never forget.This book is especially designed for 3-8 year olds to read before going to bed.

Little Bear Vadu-Does Papa Love Me?
Little Bear Vadu doubts his father’s love because his father does not tickle him,does not kiss him, does not take him on his lap like the father of the rabbit. So he shares his feelings with his mother. His mother reminds of many memories and in the end Little Bear realizes that actions speak louder than words.He falls as sleep with a big smile.Why do you think he has that big smile on his face?

Little Bear Vadu is Bored
When his best friend goes on a vacation,Little Bear tries picking berries, painting,fishing but all is in vain.He is so bored.At last Wise Owl makes a suggestion that works. Read and discover the suggestion that works.

Little Bear Vadu is Looking for a Friend
Little Bear is tried of playing with the same old friend.So he starts searching for a new friend. He tries being friends with the rabbit, the peacock,the elephant and the fox; but these efforts are fruitless.Do you think he realizes the value of old friends?

Little Bear Vadu Proves the Power of Love
Little Bear’s father is in trouble. To help him out ,little bear organizes a surprise festival. This is a story about uniting to help someone in temporary trouble.

Little Bear Vadu-Gossip in the Forest
This book is suitable for 6-9 year olds and implies the damaging efeccts of gossiping, suggesting that friends communicate with each other before believing what the third parties say.

This is a book about name-tagging. A teacher deals with the problem by taking a life size rag doll to the class. The children play a needle game and a bravo game with the rag doll.How does the rag doll feel valuable? Why will the ragdoll  always stay in the classroom? This you will discover yourself.

The Wizard of Words
This is a tale about two sisters.One of the sisters although she has no bad intentions speaks harshly, in short words,never explains the reason if she rejects an invitation and therefore can not keep friends.She is sent to the Wizard of Words who asks her to tame a philly.Through her interaction with the baby horse she realizes the importance of soft spoken words and patience and trust.It takes time to trust another sentient being.She returns home and through her speech and actions we see that she is transformed.

This book treats the hidden culture of agression among girls (gossiping, demeaning,name calling) emphasizing the responsibility of the bystander to break the bullying cycle. The story is about a girl who is a newcomer to the school.The queen bee Sema and her clique really give a hard time to the new girl. The book  suggest ways to break the bullying cycle.It is appropriate for 12 + year olds.

13th Obstacle
A fourteen year old girl who loves horses and riding decides to enter a competition among young riders.The winner will go to London to watch London Masters Jumping Competition.
She competes with a boy from the same riding club whom she secretly fancies.The riding instructor of her competitor treats horses badly.  But who wins the race?This book is really about trust between  the horse and the rider as well as the trust between the rider and the teacher.


TheRepresentation of Disabled in TurkishChildren’sLiterature, 1969-2009
Thismastersthesis ( BosphorousUniversityDept. Of TurkishLiteratureand Language)thatwasfoundworthy of Oğuz Tansel Children’sLiterature Prize in 2011, strivestoinvestigatethechanges in therepresentation of thedisabledduringthepast 40 years. Thefulltext can be downloadedfromthisadress


My Friend, Yılmaz
Thispicturebook is createdforAÇEV’s “ Willyoureadwith me?” Project. Thestory is toldfromtheperspective of thelittlegirlwhosebestfriend is Yılmaz. Shenarratesthegamestheyplay, thepuzzlestheysolve, thefuntheyhave, thesnackstheyshareallthewhileexposingwhattheyhave in commonandtheirdifferences. Only on thelastpagethereaderrealizesthat Yılmaz moveswith a wheelchair, andunderstandsthatdisability is not an obstacleforfriendship.


Breathtaking Adventure at PERA
This is a breathtakingadventurenovel. 13 yearold Ayşe and 11 yearold Can aredreamingabouttheirFebruaryvacationwhentheywillvisittheirdadwho Works as an engineer in Russia. But thierworldturnsupsidedownwhen Ayşe is kidnappedby 2 rogueswhowantAyşe’smothertogive an expertopinionforone of Osman Hamdi’spaintings as originalor else theywillkill her daughter. Theabsorbingnarrativeshowsthecalmwisdom of Ayşe as sheleavesbehindhints , thecourage of Can andthedogCinnamon as well as theunrelentingwork of thepolice. Duringthepolicetrackingthereaderwillvisithistoricalsites (Peramuseum, Galata Tower, Galata DervishLodge, ) andmeethistoricalpersonalities ( Painter Osman Hamdi, Agatha Christie, Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, Sheikh Galip, Poet Leyla Hanım).


A Day in the Life of Caterpillar Osman
Is it easy to be a child? On one hand, there are the demands of the family and school, and on the other hand there are relationships with friends that need sensitive navigation and last but not the least there are Osman’s own needs . The conflicts between various needs are narrated with a humorous style . During one day what Caterpillar Osman hears the most is either “ Osman, are you trying to ruin my psychology?” or  “Beware,you are going to ruin the child’s psychology!”. A Day in the Life of Caterpillar Osman, will resonate with 8-12 year olds.